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Going in search of skincare and beauty products online can be quite daunting.

It’s easy to get lost in the vastness of the growing beauty and skincare market online.

There are so many different products and merchants available that it’s hard to know what to buy or where to go.

I first heard about Avon when I was a little girl in the 90’s.

I loved when a new Avon catalogue would arrive on our doorstep and I’d eagerly flip through it to look at all the fascinating products.

The scratch and sniff fragrance samples were my favourite pages. The fragrances looked exotic, sophisticated and mature.

At the time I was only about 6 or 7 and my parents wouldn’t let me have make up or perfume but I longed for the day when I’d be allowed to buy a bottle of my own.

It was probably my first taste of mail order shopping and I found it exciting and addictive.

The first time I ever actually tried an Avon product was when I was in my early teens.

By then my mum was still buying Avon and as a teenager with unpredictable skin she decided to let me try some of her Avon Anew skin care cleanser and moisturiser.

Using a skincare “regime” for the first time felt very grown up and filled me with a sense of responsibility for my own wellbeing.

It was probably the first time I took a proactive approach to my skincare when up until then all I seemed to do was put out fires whether it was an acne breakout or excessive dryness and flaking.

I still feel that sense of wellbeing when I use their products now and I’m absolutely delighted to find that Avon are selling their products online.

Now as an adult I’m free to try out the products I’ve always wanted to.

  • Nutra Effects Ageless Set

    Nutra Effects Ageless

I bought these products as a set during a promotion that Avon was having which including the Nutra Effects Ageless Multi Action Day Cream SPF 15, Multi Action Night Cream and Nutra Effects Miracle Glow Lightweight Facial Oil for $30 plus postage.

This brand claims to use the benefit of seed extracts as an active ingredient in this product line.

I like the practical aspects of using a set of products designed to complement each other.

As a mother of 2 young children I don’t often get time to spend on complex skin care routines.

A quick cleanse and moisturise is really all I have time for and having this set of products designed to be used together eliminates a lot of guesswork and fuss for me.

In the morning after cleansing I use the day cream and at night I use a few drops of facial oil and night cream. Simple.

I wanted a product that would address my issues of dryness as well as tackle the growing number of fine lines and wrinkles that I’ve begun to notice.

The Nutra Effects brand has various product types to tackle each of these concerns but the anti-aging properties of the Ageless set really appealed to me.

Also it was essential that I find a day cream product with SPF sun protection from the harsh UV rays we get here in Australia.

The products come in attractive packaging and in generous sizes for the price.

Avon Nutra Effects Ageless

The texture of the day and night creams is rich, smooth and creamy. I also found the scent to be gentle and pleasing.

With my skin being so dry the product was really easily absorbed and made my skin feel dewy and soft.

The day and night creams are easy to apply and a few drops of facial oil per application goes a long way so I see the product lasting a long time.

I’ve used these products for about a month now and I have noticed an overall improvement in the texture of my skin. There’s less of the dry tightness and flakiness that I’m used to feeling.

At first I couldn’t tell if there was much improvement in the reduction of lines and wrinkles until I found myself getting lazy and neglecting my skin care routine.

It was then I started noticing that after a week of not using the product consistently that my skin looked and felt tired, saggy and tight.

My skin began to flake around my nose which then became red and irritated.

I’m prone to dermatitis which is why it’s important to keep my skin hydrated.

The lines around my forehead seemed more obvious and my complexion appeared dull.

This to me is a good indicator that the products are actually working to improve the issues my skin has.

While no skin care product can completely eradicate the effects that a lack of sleep, poor diet and high stress levels can have on the skin, I do believe that the Nutra Effects Ageless set produced an overall improvement in my case and for such an amazing price I’m more than happy to continue using it in place of the more expensive products I’ve used in the past.

  • Super Extend Extreme Liquid Liner

Avon Super Extreme Extend Eyeliner

I like the dramatic effect of liquid eyeliner and the fact that it isn’t prone to smudging the way pencil does after long wear.

I do however find that using a liquid eyeliner wand is tricky and when the liner is wet it makes my eyes feel itchy and makes me want to rub it off.

I was intrigued when I saw the Super Extend Extreme Liquid Eyeliner pen in the Avon store.

During the promotional period this item was $10.99 and came with a free Eyeshadow Brush with Smudger tool.

I love the idea of having a liquid eyeliner in pen form. It’s so much easier to apply than a wand because you can hold the pen close to the tip for better control.

While the concept may not be new, it was a new experience for me having put up with eyeliner wands poking me in the eye all this time.

The pen tip offers just enough of the pigment to create a nice sharp line but not enough to leave your eyelid feeling wet and uncomfortable.

It does however create a little bit of drag as you pull the pen tip across your eyelid which may feel uncomfortable for some people.

The pigment sets quickly and has great staying power.

The pen offers excellent control over the application and getting the thickness of the line just right.

I found that I was able to achieve the look I wanted without too many mistakes or much practice.


I find that applying liquid eyeliner to be an exercise in patience and practice in general and that this pen delivery system makes it that much easier for me.

  • Big & False Lash Volume Mascara

I needed a product that would bolster my thin and rather uninspiring eyelashes and this mascara works wonders.

At the time of purchase this item cost $14.99 plus postage and came with 3-in-1 tweezers as part of a promotion.

The mascara comes in a wide, sleek black tube which is an alluring indication of what the product promises to do.

The results for me were bigger, bolder and thicker lashes.

I realise it all sounds very cliché but lush, full lashes were exactly what I managed to achieve.

The formula is very thick and the brush holds a fair amount of it.

I found the best way to apply it was to get a little bit of product onto the brush, scraping the excess back into the tube to avoid any clumps and to brush my lashes lightly and in a zig zag pattern to create that lush fanned out effect.

I usually go over my lashes twice and let them dry between applications.

A little goes a long way with this mascara and I’m happy with the long wear.

If you wear glasses it’s important to give your lashes ample time to dry as I’ve occasionally found residue on my glasses by not allowing enough time. 5 minutes or so seems to be enough.

If your lashes are thin and in need of bolstering like mine I would happily recommend this product to help you achieve the big false lash appearance which is less tricky to apply than falsies and comes at an excellent price.

  • Imari Elixir Eau de Toilette

    Avon Imari Elixir

I must admit I was a little unsure of this fragrance to begin with.

Imari Elixir is 1 in a range of 3 Imari fragrances.

I remember the original Imari as a fragrance my mother used to purchase.

The problem with buying fragrances online is that you can’t sample it first and not having an Avon catalogue means I didn’t have the benefit of a ‘scratch and sniff’ sample.

The fragrance is described as “hypnotic”, “rich”, “oriental” and “floral”.

It’s hard to accurately imagine what that means so I went ahead and purchased a 50ml bottle for $10.99 plus postage.

I’m quite partial to oriental fragrances and I like a scent that is floral and exotic.

The intense lolly-like sweetness in this fragrance is the first thing I detected.

In the beginning, I found this quite overpowering.

My initial impression was that it was very much a rich evening scent.

It reminds me of humid summer nights when the air is thick and laden with the aroma of mixed blooms.

It is strangely both comforting and intoxicating at the same time especially when you first apply it.

In the beginning I wasn’t sure if this was a fragrance I would wear much during the day because of how intensely sweet it is but I found that with wear the scent becomes more subtle, gentle and less overwhelming.

It is now a fragrance I wear all the time and my husband seems to really like it.

When he was folding my jacket the other day he took a deep sniff of the fabric and sighed contently saying that it smells just like “me”.


The fragrance wears well throughout the day and every so often I get a whiff of it on my collar or wrist which is deeply satisfying.

While I do enjoy this fragrance I’m curious to see what the other Avon fragrances are like too.

For the price they are excellent value and I look forward to selecting another fragrance to add to my collection soon.

Being able to shop online from Avon is such a treat for me.

The traditional method of purchasing products through an Avon representative with a personalised service is still available but I love being able to select my products and get them delivered quickly.

There are so many attractive products to try and being available at such budget friendly prices makes shopping with Avon quite irresistible.

You’ll be certain to find more reviews about my future Avon purchases to come so stay tuned and happy shopping!

  • Lady V
*Prices are correct at the time of purchase and are subject to change without notice. Stock may not be available in all areas. Delivery availability may depend on your location. This is a true and accurate account of my own experiences but does not guarantee the experience of others. I was not paid for this review.