Mothers Day Quote

My Mother’s Day Faves – Sending Mum Love

Mothers Day Quote

May is the month that Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world.

It’s a chance for mothers and those who stand in for mothers to be celebrated and appreciated by the ones they care for.

As a parent of young children and one with special needs, I appreciate the need for recognition especially when parenting requires so much effort, patience, time and resources.

Parenting involves a great deal of sacrifice, diligence, persistence and (in my case) additional parenting coaching even when we are physically, mentally and emotionally weary.

I believe those who choose to make the effort to provide a happy environment and a healthy upbringing for their children or dependants really should be congratulated and encouraged to persevere through the highs and lows of parenting.

Choosing gifts for Mother’s Day has often been difficult for me because the mothers in my family all live overseas.

Sending a gift by airmail can often get expensive.

Over the past 10 years since moving to Australia I’ve tried several different online merchants for gifts to send direct to our mothers in New Zealand and to friends around Australia.

This is a list of some of my favourite merchants I’ve used in the past. & – photo gifts and printing 

Snapfish is an online photo printing merchant that can create photo gifts that you design via their website and deliver the finished product direct to your recipient.

I’ve used Snapfish for all kinds of occasions going back to my wedding in 2007.

I’ve created photo albums, posters, cards and calendars along with ordering standard prints and enlargements.

I’ve always been satisfied with the quality of the finished prints. I have 2 family photo albums designed and ordered through Snapfish and I couldn’t be happier with the workmanship and materials used.

Snapfish often runs promotions with discounts so signing up to their newsletter or visiting their website will always ensure you get the best deal.

Snapfish is available in Australia, New Zealand, United States and in several European countries.

Delivery times and prices vary so check their website for details. – fine jewellery and accessories

Superjeweler rings
Jewellery pieces from

Superjeweler are an online jewellery merchant based in New York, USA.

The thing I love about this jewellery vendor is that they offer fine jewellery at fashion jewellery prices.

That means they use real gold, sterling silver and precious gems including real diamonds in their jewellery but they won’t cost you a fortune to buy.

A lot of my fine jewellery comes from Superjeweler.

The thing about buying fine jewellery at a discounted price is that while the materials may be genuine and workmanship may be good you may have to sacrifice on size, colour and clarity as far as diamonds go in the lower price ranges.

Superjeweler also offer some higher end pieces like engagement rings which use materials of superior quality than their budget ranges and offer exceptional value.

Some of the designs in the budget range make great use of smaller gems in order to make eye catching jewellery pieces.

The image above is a picture of a sterling silver bridal ring set which is set with 1/3 carat of tiny little diamonds. Despite the diamonds being small and slightly cloudy the overall effect of this design is quite striking.

Superjeweler offers free delivery to many countries worldwide using standard postage. Transit insurance is an additional option and if you live outside of the US I would recommend allowing enough time for your delivery to arrive in time for your special occasion.

I usually receive my orders in Sydney within about 4 weeks.

Superjeweler run several promotions and signing up to their newsletter is a great way to keep informed about their latest deals. – flowers, gift baskets and plants

Flowers are usually a no-fail option for Mother’s Day especially if they’re a last minute gift.

There are a great many online flower merchants that deliver on special occasions but the thing I love about Flying Flowers is that their delivery service is fast and free. Free delivery means more money for the flowers themselves.

They also offer living plant gifts and gift baskets.

The range is extensive and good value. There’s a gift for every taste and you can also purchase add on items like balloons and toys.

Flying Flowers is a New Zealand merchant but they also offer delivery to the UK. – flowers and gifts

Flower Bouquet
Flower arrangement from

Roses are Red are another New Zealand flower merchant but the thing that makes this one stand out is that they offer photographic confirmation that your order has been assembled and sent out.

Being overseas means that I don’t often get to see the gift after it’s been ordered and having a photograph of it emailed to me before it goes out is a great way of connecting myself with the gift and my recipient.

The image above is an actual picture that was sent to me last year from Roses Are Red of a gift I ordered for a friend last August. – chocolate bouquets and arrangements

Chocolate flowers Tastebuds
Chocolate flower arrangement from

Tastebuds is an Australian online vendor of chocolate bouquets.

The image above is an arrangement I purchased for my daughter’s birthday very recently.

Their range is extensive so there’s something for everyone.

Some of the arrangements are very large and elaborate and the range starts at a very reasonable price.

Delivery was fast, free and the chocolate arrangement itself was carefully packaged in a box with insulated bubble wrap.

The chocolates of course were delicious and didn’t last long in our household.

Tastebuds offer FREE Australia wide delivery which makes them a very attractive option for budget friendly Mother’s Day (or any day) gifts. – gift baskets and flowers

When my grandmother was undergoing chemotherapy and subsequently recovering post-chemo she had very little appetite for food of any kind.

She managed to eat some fresh fruits and vegetables a little at a time.

Being overseas and unable to be at my grandmother’s side to comfort her was very difficult.

I felt helpless and wanted to send her something to remind her that I was thinking of her.

Giftbarn is a New Zealand vendor of flowers and gift baskets.

Fruit baskets are a good healthy alternative to traditional gift baskets and GiftBarn offers them at a competitive price.

Delivery starts at $9.99 and the fruit gift boxes start at NZ$58.98 for medium and come in larger sizes and different configurations depending on your needs.

While I didn’t actually get to see the gift pre-delivery, my grandmother showed me the box her fruit came in over Skype and for a medium gift box the size was quite generous.

My gift included a living orchid plant which is my grandmother’s favourite flower and there are other additional gift items in the store that you can add to make your gift that much more special. & – skincare and cosmetics

Avon Skincare Cosmetics
Avon is my new favourite skincare and cosmetics brand.

I love the range and the fantastic prices.

It pays to sign up to the Avon eNewsletter to keep up to date on the latest promotions and sales.

Occasionally Avon may offer a special price on giftsets which include multiple products from their skincare, cosmetics or fragrance range at one low price.

It is very good value and a great way to save money if you’re looking to buy a collection of items from the same brand.

I recently wrote a review on some Avon products I purchased for myself lately.

There are a huge number of gift vendors online both local and abroad.

There really is something for every taste and type.

It’s never been so easy to send the ones you love a token of your appreciation.

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly so head online today and show mum some love.


Happy shopping!

  • Lady V
DISCLAIMER: Prices are correct at the time of purchase and are subject to change without notice. Stock may not be available in all areas. Delivery availability may depend on your location. This is a true and accurate account of my experiences and does not guarantee the experience of others. I was not paid for this review.


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