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Christmas Series 2017 – Electronics

It’s October and I’m amazed at how fast the year has gone by.

There’s 86 days left until Christmas and it’s usually around this time of year that my I begin my Christmas preparations.

I’m hoping for a relatively quiet and relaxing holiday period this year; just my husband and children to celebrate with.

Like every year it takes a lot of advance preparation to make sure everything runs smoothly and with family overseas it’s important to ensure they also feel remembered this holiday season.

One of the biggest challenges of course is finding gifts that everyone will like and in this series of posts I explore different options that might help you decide what to get your loved ones this Christmas.

Naturally, what matters most is who gathers around your tree rather than what sits under it and in these posts I will explore a range of options to suit all budgets.

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Go Go Gadget

Ends on 2017/9/29

Electronics are a popular choice for gifts because they are not just fun but practical as well.

With technology being so deeply entrenched in our lives a handy gadget gift is usually well received.

There is so much on offer that finding a gift to suit every taste and every budget isn’t difficult.

Below are few suggestions.


It’s not hard to see why mobile phones and tablets make such popular gifts. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have either one or the other if not both.


My go-to place to go for cellular devices is Australian based merchant, My Mobiles also known as Unique Mobiles.

My last 3 phones have come from these guys. The range includes top quality brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony.

They stock the latest models of brand new Australian and Direct Import stock.

Warranties are also available either included or as an added extra.

What I like best about Unique Mobiles is their customer service team.

Customer service is always helpful, friendly and polite and quick to contact you if there are any issues with your order or payment.

I once had a mix up occur with a Paypal payment and Unique Mobiles called me within minutes of my order being placed and talked me through the process of cancelling and resubmitting it.

The whole process was painless and delivery of my new Samsung Galaxy S6 took around 2 weeks from their Hong Kong warehouse.

The phone was brand new in the box, carefully packaged and I’ve had no problems (technical or otherwise) with it.

Shipping is quick and is free on orders over AU$100.*

$100 – $400

If you’re not prepared to spend as much as $500+ on a mobile device and are not afraid of trying less familiar brands then you may consider some of the overseas merchants that deliver electronics to Australia like Deal Extreme.

I have shopped for mobile devices, accessories and gadgets from Deal Extreme in the past.

Deal Extreme are a merchant based overseas in China with warehouses in the US.

They offer free shipping worldwide with expedited shipping at an extra cost.

Deal Extreme stock a number of well known brands including Samsung, Sony, HTC , LG, Huawei and Google Pixel as well as a number of cheaper lesser known brands.

This is good if you’re looking for an alternative to the big name electronic brands like Apple and Samsung but need something with comparable specifications.

An example is this Oukitel K10000 Pro 5.5” Octa-Core 4G Mobile Phone

Sleek design, packed with features and much more affordable than an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S or Note series.

To check it out click the link above and use the coupon code DXAM5% for an extra 5% off the purchase of this item.

Prices from this merchant are very competitive which makes it a compelling choice for parents looking to buy kids their first “starter” phones. My own daughter is quickly approaching this age, gulp!

There are a few trade-offs to purchasing products from overseas merchants though.

Delivery takes a lot longer (anywhere up to 20 days in some countries) from the date of purchase.

You also need to do your due diligence and make sure you read the associated product reviews, compare the specifications to your needs and ensure that the product is usable in your location.

To help you work out whether the device you are interested in will work in your location on your chosen network, visit the Will My Phone Work website and select the phone make and model along with your network of choice.

Deal Extreme are currently having a sale on electronics including mobile phones. Click on the image below to check it out.

Clearance specials, Up to 45% OFF

$20 - $100

An investment in electronic or gadget gifts doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank.

Whether your direction is fun and quirky or practical and useful there is something for everyone in this price bracket.
For Father’s day this year my kids wanted to buy their dad a remote controlled car. I did one better and bought him this quadcopter.


RC helicopters and drones are a concept my husband has always taken a fancy to. Having never flown one before I settled on this basic starter quadcopter and it’s given my husband and kids plenty of amusement since.

This particular drone comes in white, measures 50.5cm x 9.5cm x 30.5cm and takes approximately 30 - 40 minutes to charge.

From full battery you get about 10 minutes of flight time which isn’t a lot but enough time to get some decent flight practice in.

As you’d expect the range of motion includes up, down, forwards, backwards, left and right but also includes a 360 degree flip which is fun to watch.

The thing that impresses me most about it is it's durability. As I said, we had never flown a drone before and as expected the device has suffered a few nasty knocks and crash landings but it has withstood this punishment admirably and still works brilliantly a month later.

The drone features flashing red and blue lights, is suitable for kids from 8 years+ and for $29 makes an affordable fun gift.

Note: In Australia the use of drones is conditional upon compliance with a set of rules set out by the Civic Aviation Safety Authority. There are some circumstances where the use of drones is prohibited.
Please refer to the list to ensure you don’t infringe on these rules.

If you’re looking for something more affordable and practical then storage devices seem to go down well in my family.
With so much of our lives being digitally documented it’s important to ensure that these memories are backed up and stored.
While cloud storage is a popular choice I personally find security in having a secondary back up of my files on physical storage devices, kept in a safe place.

This Sandisk 32GB Ultra USB Drive is my most used storage device having the convenience of both a USB 3.0 and micro USB connector.


It makes transferring photos and files directly from my android devices to storage so easy.

The flash drive is compact and fits in my pocket or handbag so I can transfer files from my phone anywhere I happen to be.

As a blogger and as a mum who loves to take photos of the family it is so handy to have.

I recently sent a couple of these devices packed full of family photos to relatives overseas and they loved being able to have full resolution digital prints to view on their devices and order prints as they chose.

These items make good stocking stuffers.

This flash drive is available from 8GB to 128GB storage capacities and at Officeworks the 32GB is currently AU$32.96 plus shipping.

Officeworks is my favourite resource for office stationery and storage devices. They are a reputable company with an excellent range. Delivery is also super quick and in most cases can be made on the next business day*.


As a child I could never have imagined the technology that would be available to my own children today.

Last year we invested in 2 Virtual Reality headsets for business purposes but were amazed at how our children reacted to using them.

They were awed by the sensation of viewing footage in virtual reality.

I admit that it is a strange and unsettling experience at first but the feeling of being transported to a whole new world with the tap of a button is indescribable.

I recall that my husband had a 3D VR image of an alien abduction displayed on the headset. My daughter happened to be viewing it at the time.

She was curiously looking around the virtual “room” marvelling at the aliens that were surrounding a bed off in the distance. As she turned around she suddenly came face to face with an alien standing close by, arm outstretched toward her, mouth agape and black oval eyes opened wide.


She immediately burst into tears.

Her next attempt wasn’t quite as frightening when she was transported to a vast open landscape full of majestic animals roaming freely.

My 5 year old son love it too. The wonders of the solar system and rocketing roller coasters are a whole new experience in VR.

My husband creates 3D Virtual Reality footage for his clients and uses his Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to view them in his VR headsets.

The first one we purchased was a Samsung Gear VR Headset.


This VR headset is a genuine Samsung branded model headset. It is available for AU$169.00 plus postage from Unique Mobiles.

The second set we purchased were Kaiser Baas VR Goggles which are available at Officeworks for AU$27.00 plus postage.


Though both headsets are compatible with our Samsung devices there is obviously a big price difference.

The Samsung VR headset feels sturdier, assembled with durable good quality materials. The result is a sleek look and user friendly features.

The Kaiser Baas has a budget friendly price and is similar in weight to the Samsung gear. Naturally at this price point the materials and finishes are not quite as sleek and impressive. The Kaiser Baas is compatible with iOS for Apple users too.

Both sets feature padding around the eyes and adjustable straps.

We’ve been happy with the performance of both sets so far however for the price it's hard to look past the Kaiser Baas VR Goggles.

Electronics are always a popular gift of choice for Christmas or any other time.

I hope this post gave you some ideas for electronic and gadget gifts this Christmas.

For more ideas please check out my Pinterest page.

Happy shopping!

    - Lady V
*Prices are correct at the time of purchase and are subject to change without notice. Stock may not be available in all areas. Delivery availability may depend on your location. This is a true and accurate account of my experiences and does not guarantee the experience of others. As stated this post contains affiliate links, the use of which may result in compensation to the author.