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In the southern hemisphere summer is fast approaching.

This is a most welcome change for me. Warmer weather, longer days, laundry that dries in minutes, pool parties and barbeques. What’s not to like?

Summer fashions are also coming out in stores all over the country and the online merchants are bursting with discounts and summer clothing sales!

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I recently had the opportunity of partnering with overseas merchant, Rosewholesale as one of their affiliates.

Rosewholesale Logo

Who Are They?

Rosewholesale is an online clothing merchant based in China who offer their range of women’s, men’s and kids apparel, bags, shoes and fashion jewellery to customers worldwide. This is great for those of my readers who aren’t based here in Australia or in New Zealand.

I realise the majority of my posts refer to merchants in the Australasian region and in a bid to satisfy my readers and followers from beyond this area I’ve broadened my shopping experiences to further afield.

Whenever I purchase from an overseas merchants I ALWAYS do my due diligence and research what others say about them.

Naturally, when I discovered there was a Facebook page dedicated entirely to exposing them as a scam I was very apprehensive.

Out of morbid curiosity I decided to make a purchase anyway and make my own judgement based on my own experiences.

It’s hard to pass up the incredible prices offered on this website so I figured I’d take a gamble and see what happens.

Firstly, some info about this online merchant…

What Do They Offer?

Rosewholesale is an attractive option for affordable fashion. The range is modern and stylish with a good mix of different styles for varying occasions.

There are some quirky pieces in the collection including holiday themed outfits and costumes but in particular, I love the vintage style dresses. They are a classy throwback to old fashion trends which are difficult to find in stores these days.

Vintage Floral Midi A Line Dress


Midi V Neck Surplice Floral Vintage Dress

I’m pleased to find that the clothing range extends to plus sizes to include people of different body types. I’ve often found with Asian-based fashion suppliers that their collections are geared toward more petite frames which practically render the entire range unsuitable for taller or more robust body types.

As with all overseas clothing merchants it is very important to consider the differences in size conversions.

I strongly recommend that you take your own body’s measurements and compare them with those on the website.

For instructions on how to take your own measurements. Click the link below.

How to Take Measurements (For Women)

How to Take Measurements (For Women)

Knowing your bust, waist, and hip measurements is the key to having perfectly-tailored clothes.


Don’t assume that sizes are like for like!

As an example, 2 x dresses I purchased from Rosewholesale were completely different sizes because of the different measurements stated on each dress. One dress was sized at 2XL and the other at size L.

Xmas Dress
Merry Christmas dress in size L

Dress Comparison
Floral print dress in size 2XL

Obviously the floral print dress is a lot longer on me than it is on the model. I suspect the model is much taller than I am (I’m 153cm / 5ft tall).

It still feels beautiful to wear though and comes down to just above my ankles which is a perfect length for me.


Retro Style Round Neck Sleeveless Floral Print Women’s Vintage Tea Dress

I am a size AU 8-10 (US 4-6) and by referring to the measurements stated on the website it ensured that I got the correct size clothing for my body type.

There are size conversion charts also provided on the website to help you get an idea of how the merchant’s sizing compares to your country.

Note that a size AU8-10 on this website leans towards the larger sizes (L – 3XL) in some cases so if you’re over 150cm / 5ft tall and more than 52kg / 114lb then it may pay to consider the bigger sizes including Plus Size range.

Yes, I know it makes things more complicated and requires a bit more effort on your part but bear in mind you are buying something manufactured overseas to different standards and under different guidelines at a bargain basement price that would otherwise cost you far more locally.

Realistically you may have to accept that buying these products is not going to be as straightforward as it would be if you were buying local merchandise.

The prices on offer make the extra effort worth it in my opinion. The clothes on this website are super affordable. The merchant describes this as a “factory direct price”.

It certainly makes the collection very tempting for those of us used to paying retail and spending $100’s on new pieces each season.

While there seems to be plenty on offer for men, women and girls the range for boys is disappointingly lacking.

Below is a collection of pieces perfect for the summer season at incredible value.

Please note: prices are provided by the merchant, listed in USD and are subject to change without notice.





Is It Safe?

I’m always both curious and apprehensive when approaching overseas merchants as it is more important than ever to read the merchant's Terms and Conditions of sale to ensure your rights as a consumer are protected.

Rosewholesale are clear and open about their Warranty and Returns policy. There are clear instructions on who to contact if you are at all unsatisfied with your purchase and what the process is for obtaining refunds and exchanges.

Note that return postage is at the customer’s cost so this is something to keep in mind if you decide to return a purchase and returns are only accepted with prior written approval from their Customer Service department.

I’m pleased to advise that the checkout process and subsequent transaction were processed over a secure connection as the image below demonstrates.

Blog Post Rose Wholesale SSL




Rosewholesale offer a 30 day warranty on their products which begins from the date you receive them. Some items are exempt from warranties such as lingerie and swimwear as well as some clearance and discounted items. For further details it is best to contact the merchant directly if you have a warranty claim.

Speaking of contacting the merchant, this seller has a full range of contact methods including email, support ticket, live chat and telephone.

In the spirit of doing due diligence I went in search of other customer reviews to compare them with my experiences.

The feedback from customers about Rosewholesale certainly appears to be a mixed bag. I referred to consumer review sites like ProductReview, and

For every positive review there seems to be a negative one and as mentioned earlier there is a whole Facebook page dedicated to disparaging this merchant with several accounts by scorned customers about incorrect sizing, inferior quality products and lost packages.

It is difficult to accurately gauge whether the company’s products or services are consistently reliable.

While I am an affiliate of this merchant and am obliged to portray them in a positive light, I still stand by my principle of offering honest reviews of products and services to my readers so I decided to experience their service first hand.

My order contained a mix of mens, womens and kids clothing including 2 x pairs of shoes.

Clothing collection


Dress Front Back




Girls Red Christmas Dress
Girls Red Christmas Dress in size 150


Mens Shirt
Mens Christmas Shirt in size 3XL (approx AU size XL)

When I received my order, all the items were true to size and fit perfectly except for one item and that was a pair of mens boots in size 43 which according to the website were equal to an Australian size 10.

As the pictures below illustrate, this is not true to size. The Australian size 10 boot on the right is obviously much bigger than the size 43 boots received from the seller on the left.


Mens Boots

I promptly contacted them via the support ticket system and received this response:

Support ticket

Really, what more could I ask for? Not only was their response prompt but also satisfactory.

I got a store credit towards another pair of shoes AND I got to keep the original pair to give to charity.


Site Navigation

In terms of ordering the navigation of the site was straightforward enough but as I mentioned earlier working out the sizing is a bit time consuming.

I did find the filters for each category useful but felt like there weren’t enough of them especially when going through the clearance listings; all the products were jumbled together and there was no option to filter them by gender, type, colour or size.

Perhaps my greatest concern is the cost of shipping.

Postage is calculated during checkout and is based on weight which is bad news if you have a rather large order or one containing heavy items such as shoes.

During checkout you can select which shipping method you prefer with a cost and estimated shipping time noted. In general, it appears the more you pay for shipping the quicker you’re promised delivery. As you can see from the image below delivery can take up to 25 business days following processing and dispatch.

The fees noted in the image reflect those applicable to my order at the time.

Freight Chart

The thing that concerns me most was the message at the top of the image referring to COD or “Cash On Delivery” whereby the receiver pays the freight or shipping agent an extra delivery fee when the items arrive.

I am not sure when (or where) this would be likely to apply as it didn’t occur in my case but I do find this is rather unreasonable considering the customer already pays a delivery fee to Rose Wholesale during checkout. There also appears to be no way to calculate what the COD will be and whether or not it actually applies to your order.

My guess is that the extra fee being referred to relates to customs on arrival. In some countries extra duties are payable on certain items and it is advisable to check with your local import authority to see if these taxes apply to you.

Naturally as transparency is a bit lacking in this regard it is likely to put you as a customer off buying from this website but do your research and use your own discretion if you’re in any way unsure.

Overall I was really happy with my dealings with Rosewholesale and will continue to partner with them.

For the interest of my readers below is a timeline of my order process from placing my order to delivery in Sydney, Australia.

Shopping timeline

I hope it helps.

At the time of writing Rosewholesale are having a great sale. Click the banner below to check it out.


Happy shopping!

  • Lady V
*Prices are correct at the time of purchase and are subject to change without notice. Prices are stated in different currencies and exchange rates may apply to some customers. Extra delivery fees and duties may apply to some customers - check with the merchant directly for further details. Stock may not be available in all areas and delivery availability may depend on your location. This is a true and accurate account of my experiences. This post contains affiliate links.