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It still amazes me how fast my kids grow and mature.

It doesn’t take long before they’ve moved from one interest to the next.

I recall at one point my daughter was obsessed with Frozen and My Little Pony only for her to declare just a year or so later that they are “for babies”.

My 5 year old son suffers from a global delay and yet he too matures much faster than I feel comfortable with.

While he still enjoys The Wiggles, Play School and other shows aimed at young children, he also thoroughly enjoys his sister’s interests in Teen Titans and Ben 10 which appear to be targeted at an older audience.

My children have an extensive collection of different action figure characters from all different television shows and movies.

I like to encourage imaginative pretend play, especially in my son’s case because it has always been something he’s struggled with.

This Christmas I decided to find action figure character toys from their favourite shows – Teen Titans Go! and Pocoyo.

Plush Toys

Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! are superhero cartoon series’ which are aired on the Cartoon Network on Foxtel and Pocoyo is a children’s character television show aired on Nick Jr. and ABC Kids here in Australia.

It was surprisingly difficult to find action figures from these tv shows. The shows are produced in the United States and Spain respectively and it appears that the action figures haven’t found their way this far to being stocked in many of our local toy stores.

There are a few online vendors here but the toys they stock are very expensive.

One character toy can cost upwards of $15.00 plus postage. Seeing as my aim was to get a collection of toys from each show I had to shop around to find the best deal.

Price is a defining factor in my search. I try to keep my Christmas shopping to a limited budget even in cases where I’m only buying gifts for my own family.

After an exhaustive search I settled on buying 2 x sets of action figures from eBay. One set is from an international seller based in the United States and the other from a seller based here in Australia (according to the seller’s listing).

Below you’ll find a rundown of my experiences with each.

I know that many people, myself included are quite apprehensive about buying from international sellers.

There is potential for transactions to go wrong, consumer protection is tricky to determine, the exchange rates may or may not be in your favour and due to distance delivery tends to be longer and extra charges may apply*.

My first choice is usually to go local when I look to make purchases of any kind but in this case a local source for affordable Teen Titans Go! action figures wasn’t easy to find.

My search brought be to eBay where I found a partial Teen Titans Go! Plush dolls from a seller based in the US.


This set includes 4 of the 5 main characters of the show including Robin, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg.

These are plush character dolls ranging in size from 25cm – over 30cms in length.

The only character missing from this set is Starfire. I found it very difficult to find a complete set of plush dolls with her in it and a singular Starfire plush doll costs around AU$19.99 plus postage locally.

The 4 piece set above cost AU$30.46 plus a whopping AU$34.59 just for postage. This averages AU$16.51 per toy which is still cheaper than buying them individually.

The set began its journey from the US in Manchester, PA on 28/09/17 and arrived on my doorstep in Sydney, Australia on 13/10/17 – a total of 15 days including 3 weekends.

Despite costing a fortune in shipping costs the toys arrived in just over 2 weeks and in excellent condition. The toys arrived together in one bag and were not individually boxed or wrapped but they are all a decent size with the product tags still attached.

I was pleased that I was able to track the delivery on eBay from start to finish.

eBay postage tracking

I ended up getting Starfire from She is a vinyl action figure measuring approx. 18cm tall and is described as a collectible vinyl figure.

This toy is made by Funko Rock Candy and cost AU$14.57 plus AU$14.80 for postage.

Surprisingly despite there being plenty of Teen Titans toys available at Amazon, the plush range is quite limited and each character seems to be priced differently despite them being the same size and from the same seller.

In the end I settled for this vinyl collectible Starfire doll which I know will be well received despite not being plush like the rest of the set.

Again, I was able to track postage of this item all the way from the US from within my Amazon account and in all took 12 days including 1 weekend to arrive.

Amazon postage tracking

This is really fast considering it came all the way from California.
The figure arrived in its original boxed packaging and in excellent condition.

The second set of toys I bought were from the Pocoyo children’s television series.

This set includes 4 characters in the popular series; Pocoyo (the boy), Elly (the elephant), Pato (the duck) and Loula (the dog).

The toys in this character set are plush figures which range in approx. 19cm – 30cm tall.

The entire set cost AU$28.88 with free postage from within Australia.

I was actually quite disappointed by the shipping on this order because it took 13 days including 2 weekends (9 working days) despite the listing stating that the item was in Australia.

The dispatch alone took 5 working days which indicates that the seller dragged their feet in fulfilling this order.

The dolls arrived in one postage bag which I was able to track via Australia Post tracking.

Each doll came in its own plastic bag and were in good condition.

Fortunately this set includes the most popular characters and I didn’t need to buy any further ones to complete the set.

Overall, I am very happy with the experiences I had buying toys from overseas. In fact, the shipping experience was better from the overseas merchants than the local.

I know my children will be delighted with them this Christmas and I look forward to encouraging some imaginative dialogue with my son.

If you have been looking everywhere in vain to purchase similar action figures here in Australia and are considering looking at overseas vendors I can happily recommend the ones mentioned above.

As always stock availability, delivery times, prices and policies will vary between vendors so as always do your research and exercise caution when shopping overseas.

For tips on how to shop safely online check out my Caveat Emptor page for more info.

Happy shopping!

  • Lady V
*Prices are correct at the time of purchase and are subject to change without notice. Stock may not be available in all areas. Delivery availability may depend on your location. Currency exchange rates and import duties may apply to your location. This is a true and accurate account of my experiences but does not guarantee the experience of others. This post contains monetized links.