Lady V

Hi! My name is Helen and I am Lady V.

I’m a wife, mother and kiwi expat¬†based in Sydney, Australia.

I love to shop as many do. I also love to write so I’ve decided to combine the two.

I love a great bargain and and I’ve always been the type to shop around for the best deal.

On this blog I will share my shopping experiences and put you in touch with some of my favourite retailers and online vendors.

I’ve been a customer service representative most of my career and I recognize the value of it, from a company and a consumer perspective.

Some of my posts will relate to brands that I endorse for reward and all posts of this nature will begin with a clear notice of this fact.
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Please be patient with me. My posts may seem few and far between at times.

I love to shop and I love to write but I also love my family; I am mother to a rambunctious daughter and son, 8 and 4 – one of whom has special needs.

I also study and help my husband run a business from home which makes me one busy wife and mama.

I hope you’ll stay in touch and check out where my next shopping adventures take me.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you soon!